Helpful tips for moving with parrot


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Helpful tips for moving with parrot

Animals, as well as people, have stress when changing the place of living. If you are going to move with your beloved parrot, be properly prepared for this task. So how transportation of parrots should be carried out?  The answer to this question is quite simple. But the answer should be in expanded form. Only in this case, you will understand many of the nuances of transporting birds. Remember at least the story of the appearance of parrots in Europe.  All of them were brought there from Australia, Africa and other countries. However, if you look at the map, you will realize that the birds that came to Europe have come a long way. However, few people know that the first attempts of such long journeys often resulted in the death of birds. Even now, after many years, smugglers involved in catching and transporting rare exotic species of parrots often do not bring their cargo to the addresses.  However, this is partly due to the fact that they neglect many of the rules for safe transportation. Indeed, in fact, their cargo is smuggled and they hide it from prying eyes. However, let us return to the cases when it is necessary to transport a single pet to which you have already become accustomed as a member of your family. In this case, it is worth noting the fact that when you change your place of residence, people transport not only birds, but also furniture.  Therefore, the transportation of all this occurs exclusively in the car. And here the first danger arises, which people who are not thinking about the consequences of their actions may face. If you decide that the parrot you tame can be easily transported in his native cage, this will be a gross mistake.  The thing is that the birds are very shy and it is better for them not to see a big and unexplored world while traveling around them. The landscape seen by them can lead to a panic and a psychological trauma of the pet. Moreover, during the transportation of birds in a large and spacious cage, you can inadvertently harm your parrot.  After all, during an abrupt stop or hitting a pothole, the cage will most likely be thrown off, and the bird can easily get hurt. But even if this does not happen, the pet can simply fall from its perch.

Basic rules of transportation

In order to avoid all of the above, transportation of birds must be carried out in small houses, covered with impenetrable cardboard walls from all sides except one.  On the front side of this house there should be a lattice door through which you can put your beloved parrot inside. Boxes of 30x20x20 centimeters will be enough for the usual wavy parrot. These cardboard little houses are ideal for transporting small parrots to their new place of residence.  However, during the entire trip you need to keep the cage in your hands. Thus, you not only avoid the likelihood that the house will fall, but also calm your pet. After all, if the birds during the transportation will constantly see their owner, then it will not panic and will be calm. You can buy such a house in specialized pet stores.  If this is not possible or you do not have enough money, then you can make it manually. However, for this you need a suitable cardboard box and instruments. The only caution that should be taken into account when making a transport house is the choice of material. As in the case of the cage, the transport hut should not be made of toxic and hazardous parrot materials.  Inside, you can lay a soft cloth. However, in advance of the moment you need to go, it is advised to accustom your beloved parrot to his temporary accommodation. To do this, in a week or two, you should start to let parrot go into this house for a while. Little by little it will get used to the little house so much that it will withstand the whole trip in box without a fear. Finally, I would like to draw your attention to such a nuance as drafts.  During your trip, it is not recommended to leave the windows open inside the car. Otherwise, your parrot can catch a cold and get sick. In a new apartment, put the box and wait for a few minutes, let the parrot calm down. It is better not to take the bird out with your hands – this is additional stress. It’s best to open the box and put it close to the cell door. The parrot itself will move to its permanent home. To get the bird to settle in a new place, try to create a familiar environment for it.



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