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Tips for winter moving

Moving in the winter is not such rare process as it seems. Of course, in most cases, change of home or moving to a new office are implemented in the summer, in the warm days. But it’s not always possible to postpone moving and wait for the warm days. Sometimes moving is being delayed. Someone delays with the paperwork, someone a long time could not find a suitable alternative or save the required amount of money. And some plan to move specially in winter in order not to suffer from the heat under the scorching sun, not to be distracted by country care and safely transport things, to equip the life, to do repairs. And the holidays can be used for this purpose. Yes, moving into the cold season has its advantages. It is necessary to consider some features in order to be ready for the cold move.

Glazed frost. It is unpleasant in itself, but when moving in the winter — twice. If you are going to move your items on your car, prepare it properly, change to winter tires. Be careful when driving, because ice-covered ground can be really dangerous. And pack fragile items with care — sharp braking on a slippery road is highly likely.  Don’t make sudden movements because you may slip and lose balance on the ice. Even though the property is not affected, your safety is the most important thing.

Packing. Usual adhesive tape can fail at low temperatures,  — you will need a special resistant one. Put items, which are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, in several layers of packaging (paper, cardboard, air bubble film, tissue).

Snow. This is not dirt! It would seem that good to put all the things and boxes for relatively clean snow in the yard and slowly to load in the car. But do not be tempted and remember — the snow is still melting. It will turn into water once it gets a warm place. For example, salon of the car. Boxes can become wet because of melted snow. Moreover, the cargo inside of the boxes can suffer.

Health. This is the most valuable and the most important thing a man can have. And even when carrying things you shouldn’t to forget about it. Don’t jump out on the street in a t-shirt. But on the other hand don’t wrap up by clothes too much, because in the apartment and the entrance is warm, you’ll quickly sweat. Prepare the right clothes in advance — here important some middle ground.

Alive load. Winter moving is an ordeal for delicate houseplants. They need special protection from frost, and wind, and mechanical damage. Experienced growers make the whole frame structure of wire, cloth, film in order to protect their plants. Think of your pets: bring them into the warm cabin and accompany them to lessen their stress from change of place of living. If you are moving into the cold season, you should think about two things in advance. The first is good packaging. It does not mean “cheap”. It means “impervious to water coating which is easy to brush off the dirt.”

Weather forecast is a science-based assumption, and we suggest to hedge, not hoping that on the day of your move will be really warm and dry. To pick up flexible, comfortable and not too heavy, waterproof coating really easy. Just look at the range of plastic films. Of course, it is better to choose a dense material to avoid accidental break. Many people prefer multilayered “convolution” for the reliability. Firstly thing must be wrapped in plastic wrap, and then put in a cardboard box. It’s practical and safe. This can be done even with household appliances. If you have large, heavy items such as industrial equipment, antique furniture, piano and so on – it is better to charge the packing to the professionals. Or at least ask them for advice, what material would be most appropriate. In many cases, new polyethylene is more efficient than the old rags.

The second important thing is the safe route. Everyone is familiar with the first autumn frost, when the roads overnight, covered with treacherous ice.  Slippery rail crossings and huge puddles can be an obstacle. In the summer there can be safe to take a shortcut. But in winter it’s already high-risk areas.  Anyway, before starting your journey, you need to properly arrange things in the back. Not everyone take it into consideration, but it’s very important. What seems insignificant in summer, in winter, easily becomes a cause of the accident. If the balance of the mass of the loaded car is broken, the more risk that on a slippery road, the car can lose control. But the most dangerous is the passage of sharp turns and sudden braking. Heavy piano, standing along one of the sides, can easily “pull”, and the car will tip over. Do not think that we frighten you – this is the real cases. Estimate in advance how much weight your cargo has. Arrange things in the body to balance the front and rear portion and right and left side. Of course, you should follow the rules of carrying capacity. In winter, do not overload the car in excess of the permitted weight! When the balance changes, the speed of the car also changes.  If you have not desire to puzzle over the proper distribution of weights – call professional movers. They will solve this problem much faster.

It is harder to drive in yards in winter than in summer season. Here, again, the mud and puddles, and ice. Not all drivers know how to skillfully maneuver on the ice. Sometimes just one minivan is not enough and people have to use a larger truck. In such cases, turn or drive in reverse in an ordinary yard turns into the whole show. Remember that the more experienced the driver, the less time you will spend. And it is very important to have a good experience of driving in winter season. By the way, there can be difficulties when driving in the city. Because of the snow roads, especially minor, often narrowed almost to a couple of meters. Sometimes there are a lot of icicles on the roofs. However, if there is a significant risk that the icicle that’s going to come right on the highway or the snow formed a traffic jam, it is better to choose to go by another street.

During unloading people often have to leave things in the street, and some of them can stand there for quite a long time. Of course, it will not affect the stools and the rugs even at -30. But delicate houseplants can be affected.

By the way, during a move owners worried the most about the pot plants and pets. If you make good organization of the process violets and other plants will not be affected. You just need to know how to act. For example, the flowers need to be transported in boxes, carefully packed and put between the pots bottle with warm water. And it’s better to warn movers that the plants are heat-loving and they need to make the house in the first place. Professional movers will consider all your wishes.

During the move pets worry no less than you just can’t put it into words. We recommend to let someone from the family look after the pet on the way to the new place of living. A cat or a dog may go “exploring” in the entrance or on the street, and it will be difficult to catch them. But if hamster escaped from the cage, then the move would definitely be remembered for a long time – but, unfortunately, not with good words. Does the price of the move change according to the time of year? As a rule, prices are stable. The rates actually depend on a number of things, the remoteness of the old and new addresses, etc., than from the time of year. However, many companies offer an hourly rate – you pay for time actually spent. Winter transfers usually last longer than in summer – more slow and calm driving mode, the ice and snow congestion. On the other hand, in the summer traffic jams increased in several times. Therefore, resettlement in the cold season can really cost you a bit more.



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