What to do with unnecessary things before moving


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What to do with unnecessary things before moving

Getting ready for the move, you decided to pack things, walked through the apartment, thinking about what to pack first, and accidentally glanced at the balcony.  And at that moment, your grandfather’s skis fell on your head and you grasped the grandmother’s flower pots with your hand. If you vividly imagined this situation, then it’s time for you to clean up on the balcony, in order not to carry all rubbish to the new apartment. For most people, the balcony in the apartment is something between the dump and the rubbish store. It is here that we store old, obsolete things that have lost all value, in the hope that they will someday come in handy.  Perhaps, moving is the only event in the life of a house when there is a real opportunity to get rid of your favorite but useless junk. So, what can be thrown out without any regrets, so as not to take with them to a new life:

  • Ski, if they it’s lying down on the balcony for more than two years.  Ski can not be stored in unheated rooms, so know that this valuable property you have already ruined.  Donate it to their beginner skiers, if you have them among your friends
  • Last year jam and pickles.  Even if you are not afraid of botulism, you should not eat mold-billeted products.  Throw them away and immediately forget about them.
  • Piles of old magazines.  Even if these are very beautiful and bright glossy magazines, you definitely will not re-read them.
  • Pieces of wallpaper, half-empty cans with a primer, etc.  In a new apartment you will not need all this, so get rid of construction debris.
  • Old and dead furniture, which you were planning to transport to the dacha ten years ago, but you did not transport it – throw away this furniture.
  • Old jackets, sweatshirts and so on.  After this clothing has hung on your balcony for years, it will not be accepted even in a charitable organization.  Take it to the trash can and leave it there.

Now when you have scooped out of the balcony and thrown away most of the unnecessary things, it’s time to check if there is something really important.  It is possible that under the rubble of the various trash all these years, the treasure was hidden. However, if you have a lot of unnecessary things at home, but you can’t just throw them away, you can view these options. So what to do with unnecessary things?

  1. Sell.  Advertise on Internet sites and local newspapers and wait for new owners for your things.
  2. Pass to commission shop.  By the way, the range of commission shops is very wide: from shoes and clothes to household items and art.
  3. Offer free of charge to neighbors, colleagues at work.  And those, in turn, can offer their relatives. So your things will expand the range of potential hosts.  And if there is a large family in your neighborhood, it’s better just to give their children old clothes and toys.
  4. Give clothes, which are too small for you, to the younger brothers and sisters.  If family is not rich, it is better to follow the traditional way of transferring children’s things from the elders – the younger ones.
  5. Re-wash, iron, fold neatly, pack in bags, and take it to an orphanage or boarding school.  In addition to clothing and shoes, you can take children’s books, drawing kits, toys, CDs with children’s songs, fairy tales, cartoons.
  6. Another way to free space from unnecessary things almost immediately is to give fire victims or victims of natural disasters.  Apparently, your unnecessary items will help people who are in trouble.
  7. To hand over the old household appliances to repair shops.  Sometimes taken for a small fee.
  8.  Take extra furniture to your country house, where it will serve for many more years.
  9. Give old furniture to a constriction or restoration to masters.  Money, of course, will have to be invested, but furniture, that you do not want to throw away, will start a new life in your new house.
  10. Use the upper fur garment as a material for making covers on the car seats.  You can get a natural, warm cover from the old sheepskin coat.
  11. Old coats and jackets are suitable for outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing.
  12. Sewing old clothes for clothes for pets: dogs and cats.
  13. To make of the old thing a new, fashionable: to sew two things from one thing and vice versa.
  14. Sewing from unnecessary warm things a patchwork quilt or tie mats.
  15. Make costumes for a home theater or the nearest family holiday.  Like any creativity, it takes time and imagination. But these costs will pay off with smiles and gratitude of relatives and friends.
  16. Organize a home auction (in a comic form), inviting to the sale of things relatives and friends.  Present each item, telling how it was acquired and what value it had for your family. Instead of real money – drawn coupons with impressive amounts.
  17. Donate to a local museum.  If your things have historical and cultural value for the city, then the museum will gladly accept them for perpetual use.
  18. To organize a fashion show.  If you have a lot of clothes 20-30 years ago, or even older, you can organize a fashion show of past years by the forces of children and grandchildren.  Such a surprise at a family celebration will be especially pleasant for grandparents. And if you take pictures of all the “models” or take them to the camera, the old things will always remain in your family archive.
  19. Leave everything as it is.  The ability to throw things away is good, but it sometimes fails.  After a while things, that were thrown away, can be urgently needed.  So think well before throwing something away.



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